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Dog Grooming Is Necessary In A Dog's Life

Dog Grooming Is Necessary In A Dog's Life
Author: Thierry babineaux

The two most important facets of a dog's life include dog grooming and dog food. Food keeps them alive and grooming keeps them healthy and in shape.

Your dog will need high quality dog food to help him grow bigger and stronger. There are different types of nutrients likevitamins, proteins, minerals and fats are required in proper proportions to strengthen his bones and immune system. You can get different types of dog food from pet supply stores but always remember to read the label before you buy any of the food. The labels will provide information on the different ingredients that is there in the dog food and their quantities. One of the important things to remember is that never provide too much of dog food to your companion because this can lead to intestinal problems.

But is dog food the only requirement of your dog? No! There are many more requirements other than proper dog food but the most important of them all is dog grooming. Proper dog grooming is not just important but also a necessary aspect of dog care. Proper dog grooming will not only make your companion look better, but it will also make him feel better and keep him healthy. For example:
Dogs tend to have ticks and these ticks are capable of causing different types of skin diseases. Dog grooming will help you to take care of the ticks and make your dog feel good too. The two important aspects of dog grooming include:

Brushing the Coat: As a part of dog grooming, you will need to brush the coat of your dog every day. Whether your dog is hairy or not, the coat should be brushed. This will help a lot in keeping his hair and coat in great condition because brushing will remove dirt and insects and also help in spreading natural oils evenly through his coat. This will also free their skin from any type of irritation. It is important that your pet should get accustomed to the various processes of dog grooming and hence you should start brushing him from an early age. You can also get an older animal to enjoy brushing - all you have to do is shower him with praises and give plenty of treats and he will be more than happy!
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Trimming of Nails: Nails can become fairly large on dogs and cat even cause injury to other people in your house and even children. Dogs will never deliberately scratch anyone but in their excitement they might end up scratching you. Hence as a part of dog grooming you need to trim his nails at least once every month. You can pick up a clipper from a pet supply store and use it for trimming the nails at home only. You can use a scissor or even a guillotine-type clipper for this important dog grooming exercise. Just to be on the safe side, keep a bottle of blood-clotting powder handy.
Dog grooming is something that will help keep your favorite companion healthy and active throughout his life.

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