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DIY Dog Grooming To Bring Out The Dog In You

DIY Dog Grooming To Bring Out The Dog In You
Author: Sturat Michael M

The term dog grooming may sometimes give an impression of complicated procedures coupled with devices which bear semblance to medical or beauty devices.  That is where the misconception lies as it is basically a practice no different to how man takes care of himself.  As everyone requires self maintenance in the areas of beauty and hygiene, so do our dogs.  Since there are varying levels of grooming needs, it is recommended you do some research before landing yourself with a high maintenance project.  Numerous tips and guidelines are readily available in pet grooming books as well as online sites.

To keep a dog at its best condition, it needs
PetZoom Self Cleaning Grooming Brush, 2-Packto be kept clean at all times.  Depending on type of dog breed, each has its own set of physical characteristics.  A longer-haired dog obviously needs more frequent brushing to remove tangles, matting and excess shedding.  Unless you are one with the time and patience for such a discipline, a shorter-haired breed may be more up your alley.  Hair cuts are also a must as overgrown hair tends to encourage knots and obstruct your dog's vision.  A dog with a disheveled appearance is not the best-looking man's best friend.  Unless you have the proper devices and skills on how to properly trim your dog's hair, this can be a task best left to the experts.

Since dogs and children share commonalities in attracting every possible piece of dirt when playing outdoors, bathing is an essential part of dog grooming.  Putting right a common fallacy that dogs are adverse to water, it is often the opposite.  Dogs just dislike water running into their ears which explains the constant shaking of heads and the occasional dash for freedom whilst dripping throughout the house.

A dog with long and floppy ears needs more attention as it is more prone to ear infection.  It is normally caused by lack of ventilation to the ear canal, type of dog breed, allergies and lack of hygiene.  By observing proper ear care procedures as advised by the vet, your dog should be spared of this misery.  A dog's nails also need to be kept in check with periodic trimming.  To avoid over clipping them, file them to recommended lengths.

By grooming your own dog, the chore takes on a new turn as a bonding opportunity between owner and pet.

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